Kmunications Ltd is a new breed of company for IT Software & Hardware Development. It ’s current project is SUNAR

The use of DSP's is central to many of today's development focus. The marketing forces operating in sectors such as telecommunications mean that the window of opportunity may only be open for a short time, and delays in software development can threaten viability of an entire project. To compound the problem, DSP's are becoming more sophisticated and powerful with each new device announcement, a factor that fuels increasing complexity in the application software and thus increases risk.

In circumstances like this it is crucial that the software developer has the best tools to help in the application development task, SUNAR is the solution:
•SUNAR allows for a simple programming language
•SUNAR reduces time to develop a system by using a simple higher level mathematical programming language
•SUNAR reduces the development barriers and thus increasing the potential market size
• SUNAR programs are more maintainable, shorter and faster
• SUNAR is the fastest DSP on the market
• SUNAR is a new architecture unlike any existing DSP system
• SUNAR is the most efficient DSP in the market
• SUNAR solutions require less power consumption
• SUNAR is a key enabling technology for many types of electronics products and industries
• SUNAR gives it customers time to market advantages over the competition.

In today's environment for real time application development, the programmer will often be required to write at least part of the code in an assembly language to help improve on execution speed. This is particularly true for DSP processors, where hand-crafted assembly language programming is still the norm rather than the exception, writing code for tight loops is at the heart of many DSP algorithms.

Standard C compilers, with their lack of support for the fixed-point data types, divided memory spaces, dedicated register sets and circular buffers that typify most embedded DSP's, are unable to produce code that executes fast enough. In addition the high degree of instruction-level parallelism, inherent in the latest DSP architectures, poses considerable problems for compiler developers because of the wide design space and large number of code optimisation strategies involved.

This situation has now changed, SUNAR is the solution.


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